Interior designing tips for demountable buildings

It seems that many people are talking about demountable or modular building nowadays. Now, what is a modular building? Basically, it’s a type of building that is constructed offsite. Builders usually construct the building in a factory or under plant conditions using the mase type of materials used in the traditional method of constructing a building, following the same set codes for building standards. But, constructing a modular building takes almost half the time compared to traditional building construction.

As the building technology advances, modular buildings are most preferred by many. With factors like unpredictable weather, shorter timelines and higher cost of manual labour, it can be understood why we should opt for building construction in a more controlled environment.

Modular building is continuously gaining popularity across the all types f industries, may it be medical, education, industrial, housing and much more. And when it comes to designing a demountable building, the sky is the limit – there are no rules in designing. However, it might be overwhelming to choose on certain types of interior designing since the possibilities are endless. At the same time, there many factors that you should think about like paint colours, the furniture, the doors, windows, etc. 

With all the big concepts you have in mind, here are some interior decorating tips for you.

Purpose of your demountable building

Determining the purpose or theme of your space can help you choose a design on your layout, function and the overall look. Will you be using it as a home office, an extension bedroom,  switch rooms, or will you be using it to entertain your guest or friends? Knowing the primary function of your building will help you decide on the kind of space you’re going to have, especially if you really do not have an idea on where to begin.

Picking your style

Choose a style that best matches your taste. Remember the plan you have in mind when you decide on the floor plan of your modular building. Was it contemporary, victorian or something else? For example, if you’ve chosen a modern style, then you will be comfortable filling it with modern furniture.

What items to include

After determining the purpose of your building, it’s now time to decide on what items you would want to put in. Just remember not to overcrowd your space with too many items. 

Make your space comfortable.

After taking care of the basics, it’s now time to focus on making the space inviting and comfortable. Start with the doorway by decorating it with light curtains, lanterns and string lights. You can also include decorative brackets as it can create a dramatic and stunning look in your doorway. Most of the time, we forget about the doorway as we only see it for its function. When decorating your modular building, do not forget to include the doorway in your decorating elements to give a more welcoming vibe in your space.

As for space itself, decorate it according to its purpose. So if you are planning to make the building as an entertainment area, then make sure to place comfortable seating with lots of pillows or rugs that people can sit on. Or you can place a couch that won’t eat the whole space. Also, include a corner for food and other entertainment purposes. 

If you want the demountable building to be your private corner, then you can design it to have an area for your hobby and another area where you can relax or take a nap.

When it comes to furniture and other decorative items, you don’t necessarily need expensive ones. You just need those unique, appealing and most importantly serves its function. The most crucial thing about choosing essentials for your space is that it fits your budget, and it suits your needs.

Design with nature

Plants are proven to enhance mood, reduce stress and a great way to spice up your space. It also improves air quality. Adding plants in your building is a cost-effective way to give life to your space. You can keep indoor, outdoor or both. 

If you are not the type of person who can keep plants alive, you can choose fakes plants that look like real. You can incorporate them in your decor like placing them in your vase and put it in your centre table. Another way of incorporating nature feeling in your interior is by having nature designs on printed throw cases, plates with plant prints or framed photos of flowers and other plants.


Another way of decorating the interior of your modular building is by repurposing the items you already have. You may be able to find a new life on those old items of yours if you put them in your new living space.

Modular buildings are increasingly becoming popular, especially to those who need their personal space without really leaving their home. But having a modular building is not just an escape, but it’s also a way of reflecting your style.after you are done with the design and unsure or the outcome or the arrangement, then take a picture of your design. The phot will help you see the room in a different view and let you see if there is something wrong or need improvements. Finally, remember that it’s your space and you are the one who will be using it, so make a home that portrays who you are.